Monday, February 17, 2014

Art 21

Tim Hawkins

  • The two works shown in Hawkins' Art 21 show the use of sound to simulate the passage of time and the use of religious scores that he remembered from his childhood to relate to his works
Do Ho Soh

  • Do Ho Soh's home project featured as his first project in the art 21 showcase was actually quite interesting, the fabric replica of his childhood home which traveled to several large cities and gaining the names of the cities it had been was rather comical.
  • And his multiple series really did make the viewer think of there position in a collective as well as  there personal self. ((lots of little people models))
  • Side note: most of his works deal with identity and self.
In the Making Reading
Scouring Inspiration

  • On the intro I really only have one note about the sidebar that questions as to what inspires you. I actually thought about in a while and i realized what causes most of my inspiration and came to the conclusion that I'm a very angry person.
William Kentridge

  • Side note & question: It really helps if you see the video for History of the main complaint it really helps give you a better idea of where the work spurs from?
  • Why is only History of the Main Complaint the only work shown in the book? 
Reading through notes

  • Reading through the text really helped me understand what was actually happening in the featured piece but anyone who didn't know this could have guessed some of the key concepts such as looking back at the past and trying to move forward but the political concepts may need some explanation for anyone who's just looking at it without previous knowledge.

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