Saturday, March 29, 2014

For art 21 this time I looked at Jeff Koons. He had a very short 3 minuet video show casing his pieces and his use of the bizarreness and juxtaposition really showcased how creative ideas are part of your own internal fantasy and I appreciated this outlook on fantasy.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Reading:Mariko Mori 
  • Whats up with the triply easter egg colored elf people in the Pureland piece?
  • Is the empty dream piece a photograph or an installation and how does it connect to her environment for the future (Nirvana) ?
  • What were some of Mariko Mori's inspirations for the ideas of utopia?
Text notes
  • In beginning of the reading, Mori's ideas of how this utopian society would come about seem logical; being that our advances in technology would allow humans to become more unified. This has been shown to be somewhat true but I think it will take a bit more then just technological advances to beet human ignorance.
  • It's interesting to see an artist who admits to having pop culture inspirations.
  •  I wish there were better example of Mori's work in the book since she seems to have many other pieces that have worked well.
After Words
  • At the end of the reading Mori is compared to Guru's, Yogis, etc. and that she's set apart from them but what exactly sets her apart?
  • The text says in paragraph 2 "Mori's idyllic world, technology liberates people for metaphysical fulfillment. " I'm getting mixed ideas about this idea. Does she mean in the way of less need for metaphysical ideologies such as a religion or the afterlife, a total loss of metaphysical ideals, or technology taking on the role as metaphysical.
  • This artist kind of confuses me over all cause i don't really feel that people will leave metaphysical ideas for technology, whats your opinion?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mint Museum Visit
A lot of the fashion related items that I saw at the mint didn't really strike that strongly but the hoop/under-dress that would have supported very fancy dresses probably from the mid to late 1800's kind of stood out to me. Despite the hoop skirt being under the dress the knowledge need to know how to sculpt this skeletal from would be a really cool idea for a project, maybe not mine but certainly something to keep in mind.

I absolutely love mask. I did a lot of mask/bust related projects in high school and they've always stuck with me. But one in particular in the mint kept calling to me; It looked somewhat like a day of the dead mask with this eerily wide grin and arched eyes. I'm definitely going to try and incorporate some ideas i received from it.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Me and Jeremy

Just started working on my project bending up some cans.

Class Note

Wess made a good comment today, he asked if the character for the fantasy project had to be real or fictional and I think that the righting exercises helped everybody get there creative juices flowing but I noticed a lot of people just wrote about plausible explanations for a character attached to the objects we were given.

Thursday, March 20, 2014


In The Making Reading

For the in the making reading I read about Kim Jones the sculpture/performance artist. I've actually looked at his work before but I didn't really understand his reasons behind it. The mudman sculpture was really interesting to see and Jones' use of wait and physical strain to represent past experiences is one of my favorite uses of these components. It really helped me plan out my ecology project.

Art 21 Viewing

I took a look at both Robert Adams and Ursula von Rydingsvard. Robert Adams connection to ecology is pretty obvious. His black and white photos depicting how humans have affected the environment that we live in. Rydingsvard's work kind of confusing to me I can see how her usage of natural/abstract structures mimics rocks structures; so, I have trouble following her ideas and concepts. The construction of her pieces kind of inspired some contraction ideas for one of my projects.


Jeremy the Pet Rock

Pictures soon

Monday, March 17, 2014

Pet Rock Family Reunion

Me and Jeffery took a walk with; Grandma J., Hause, Amelia, Uncle Joe; before class over to the needle/bell tower. Can't wait for them to leave *fingers crossed*