Monday, April 21, 2014

Politics Reading:

  • I've read about The Castle is Burning project before and I heard it caused quite an uproar and disarray within the Cornell University; are all of his projects done in this manner?
  • How is he still allowed to do projects if they cause such problems in the areas they're shown?
  • Whats up with the museum badges being part of the sentence and some having the whole thing? 

Comments and thoughts
  • In the choosing a mission section I was thinking that artist can also change their missions with ease as compared to the others.
  • How he's able to still make work now makes sense now seeing as the establishments he presents in ask for him to present a project.
  • It's very interesting to read about how casually Martinez goes about his projects but how big and how long the social waves keep the projects alive despite all the negative comments about them.
Questions afterwards
  • I'm really wondering about how angry people get about his projects when I am just getting a small laugh of watching the carnage his art work caused. Is it real that big of a deal to get that mad about his work its just to get people talking.
  • How did he keep people arguing about the ideas his projects brought up for so long?
  • Are there any forums or websites dedicated to his pieces?

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