Monday, January 13, 2014

Chapter 1: Scoping an Audience 

Scanning the text

  • How do the number of people and presentation or perspective of your work change who is affected?
  • I understand that attracting attention to your artwork can greatly increase its impact but is subtlety   also affect the impact?
  • Artwork could also be for ones self image then as well as for others?

Looking closer

  • So in the second paragraph of the introduction is trying to get the idea out there that your work is bound to receive mixed responses but its best to get the general idea of your work across despite who its interpreted or how long it takes to be understood.
  • Expect to have to meet a lot of points towards any one person to gain there attention cause people are complicated.
  • Understand how the artwork will interact with the viewer, its key for presentation.

Looking back

  • Whats some of the major issues of media bombardment?
  • Does the art in question have to physically interact with some one or can leaving a question in their mind suffice?
  • Is getting the idea across through the piece more important than the piece itself?

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