Thursday, March 27, 2014

Reading:Mariko Mori 
  • Whats up with the triply easter egg colored elf people in the Pureland piece?
  • Is the empty dream piece a photograph or an installation and how does it connect to her environment for the future (Nirvana) ?
  • What were some of Mariko Mori's inspirations for the ideas of utopia?
Text notes
  • In beginning of the reading, Mori's ideas of how this utopian society would come about seem logical; being that our advances in technology would allow humans to become more unified. This has been shown to be somewhat true but I think it will take a bit more then just technological advances to beet human ignorance.
  • It's interesting to see an artist who admits to having pop culture inspirations.
  •  I wish there were better example of Mori's work in the book since she seems to have many other pieces that have worked well.
After Words
  • At the end of the reading Mori is compared to Guru's, Yogis, etc. and that she's set apart from them but what exactly sets her apart?
  • The text says in paragraph 2 "Mori's idyllic world, technology liberates people for metaphysical fulfillment. " I'm getting mixed ideas about this idea. Does she mean in the way of less need for metaphysical ideologies such as a religion or the afterlife, a total loss of metaphysical ideals, or technology taking on the role as metaphysical.
  • This artist kind of confuses me over all cause i don't really feel that people will leave metaphysical ideas for technology, whats your opinion?

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